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Farrish Properties & Acquisitions believes that the real estate industry is not just knowing where and what to build, but also about creating and developing long-term positive relationships with the people behind the bricks and mortar.  Our commitment to these relationships has resulted in long term partners, numerous referrals and the team’s continued success.


Farrish Properties & Acquisitions will listen to your business needs and find a site that matches with your brand’s unique identity. This is where FPNA really shines. We also specialize in “void analysis” to identify the optimal highest and best tenant use (test fit) location analytics that combine site characters such as:

  • Consumer expenditure studies
  • Market optimization analyses
  • Market characteristics
  • Competition studies
  • Retailer void analyses
  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Demographics-Based on Radii, trade area or drive time
  • Consumer lifestyle segmentation (Psycho-graphics)
  • Thematic Shading
  • Density shading

This not only offers the best optimal fit for each of our properties but ensures long term success for our National Retail Tenants.


Farrish Properties & Acquisitions evaluates prospective properties based on a list of desired characteristics to warrant it for further review. Farrish’s presence in multiple markets enables the team to gain quick access to important information in the due diligence process. During underwriting, the team strives to vet all potential issues surrounding a property and formulate a clear strategy to maximize the value of the investment. Once approved, the acquisition process is streamlined for a rapid and efficient closing process.


Our management team, with decades of construction and development experience, plus access to capital based on our strong broker and lender relationships, uniquely qualifies Farrish Properties & Acquisitions as a trusted build-to-suit partner. We provide a strategic turnkey solution to single-tenant retail clients through all phases of development, such as:

  • Zoning and entitlement
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Permitting
  • Construction management
  • Delivery

Company Profile

Farrish Properties & Acquisitions is a real estate development and investment company focused on repetitive retail and commercial projects, nationwide, for our end-user tenants.

Farrish Properties & Acquisitions provides its clients the complete real estate development process: